Maryland/DC Regional Breastfeeding-Friendly
Workplace Awards

Since 2010, the Maryland and DC Breastfeeding Coalitions have sponsored an annual Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Awards program. This program recognizes demonstrated support for breastfeeding through a conducive office environment. To date, over 120 businesses have received this honor, including many in Baltimore City.

Studies show that worksite support of employees enrolled in a company- provided lactation support program is a Win-Win situation. Employers benefit through increased rates of retention, employee satisfaction and morale. Mothers and babies also benefit from decreased health care and insurance costs, and a reduction in sick leave requests to care for an ill child.

Because of these demonstrated benefits, both the Affordable Care Act and Baltimore City Ordinance 18-0276 require businesses to provide a clean, private space, and flexible, reasonable unpaid breaks for women to express their milk during work hours without discrimination. Despite these requirements, many businesses still do not provide the necessary support for breastfeeding mothers.

The Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition encourages businesses who support breastfeeding mothers in their workplace to apply for 2019 Award recognition. Businesses are judged based on their size and the accommodations they provide to breastfeeding employees. This includes breastfeeding support and education, as well as the time and space for mothers to breastfeed and/or pump breast milk in the workplace. Based on the number of amenities and processes to support breastfeeding, businesses will receive the award at a Gold, Silver or Bronze level.

The Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition ( ) is a nonprofit organization that unites breastfeeding advocates, healthcare providers, and families to provide a forum for the development and exchange of resources to foster the establishment of breastfeeding as the normal way to nurture infants.

Prior Workplace Awardees can be found at This year's program will launch in August, which is Maryland Breastfeeding Month. Inquires can be sent to

P.O. Box 29214, Washington, DC 20017 • Tel 202-470-2732 • email

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