Children's Health Center at Good Hope Road (CHC at GHR)

March 7, 2011

Grantee Progress Report Narrative

CHC at GHR announces the launch of a lactation support program for female employees who choose to breastfeed their new babies.

The program includes:

  • A designated safe, private area for expressing milk during work hours.
  • Flexible milk expression breaks (at least 2 per 8 hour work day).
  • Access to a dedicated refrigerator for expressed milk storage during work hours (pending).
  • Educational materials.
  • Direct and phone consult with CHC at GHR/WIC lactation specialists (on case by case basis).

During the period of performance, a designated space was identified and rearranged in order to make it suitable for employee milk expression and other breastfeeding-related activities. The WIC Center staff, especially Lisa Brown, spearheaded this reorganization. Photographs of the reorganized area are below.

As this site is part of the Children's National Medical Center (CNMC), it is subject to the policies and procedures set forth by the Human Resources (HR) Department. As such, a meeting was conducted with CNMC HR in order to discuss establishing a facility-wide breastfeeding support policy to address time and space requirements mandated by both DC and Federal laws. This policy had not been finalized prior to the end of the period of performance.

In-kind donations of employee time to reorganize the area and educational material were provided. Budgetary constraints precluded our site from purchasing the breastmilk storage refrigerator prior to receiving the mini-grant funds. This will be purchased upon receipt of the $300. Lactation support center staff was identified and will begin their employment on March 21, 2011 when the center will officially open. This staff will include a full time peer counselor and part time lactation consultant who will collaborate to provide prenatal breastfeeding education as well as post-partum lactation support including back to work consults.

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